Canberra - Investigating Workplace Misconduct 

Vince Scopelliti - Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Training Opportunity - Canberra - 24 August 2021 


One of the most critical skills required by HR professionals in Australia today is the ability to undertake effective, quality and procedurally appropriate investigations into workplace misconduct.  

WISE Workplace’s foundation training program Investigating Workplace Misconduct provides participants with the essential knowledge and practice skills to lead or participate in the investigatory process.  

This one-day workshop focuses on the investigatory processes required to effectively asses complaints, interview relevant stakeholders, gather evidence and make critical decisions that effect employees. Industry case studies which highlight current case law, industrial legislation, and the latest research on investigation methods, including interviewing techniques and the accessibility of digital information are just some of the features of this course.  

For information about this invaluable course click the link below or contact our team on 1300 580 685 or  

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Importance of Professional Development in Workforce Retention

Vince Scopelliti - Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Providing your workforce with contemporary, relevant and engaging #ProfessionalDevelopment opportunities is an important part of workforce retention as well as essential to building capability and expertise within your business. This is particularly important in areas such as #HumanResources, #Complaints Management and #Investigations – organisations can’t afford to lose critical knowledge, nor can they risk having gaps in the currency of workforce knowledge or capability. 

Investing in quality professional development can assist in: 
  • Employee job satisfaction, loyalty and engagement 
  • Improving productivity and capability in key areas 
  • Broadening skill sets and creating workforce flexibility 
  • Succession planning 
  • Establishing a reputation as an employer of choice in the market 

WISE Workplace are industry experts in supporting organisations build purposeful, effective and engaging professional development programs. In addition to our public training courses, we offer custom corporate training packages across a number the corporate, not for profit and government sector. For more information about how WISE Workplace can assist your organisation contact us on 1300 580 685 – 

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Unfair Dismissal

Vince Scopelliti - Monday, August 02, 2021

A QLD Worker has won an #UnfairDismissal case after being terminated by his employer for refusing to carry out work that they believed to be unsafe. It was held that the employees have the right to refuse to perform unsafe work that would expose them to a serious health or safety risk, and that refusal is a "workplace right" in the context of the Fair Work Act. 

This case highlights the importance of employers understanding the interrelationship between employment and safety laws. Whenever a performance or conduct matter relates to a health or safety event, a secondary consultation is always wise. 

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