When does a staff members’ ‘likes’ on social media become an HR issue employers?

Vince Scopelliti - Thursday, September 02, 2021

These days most organisations have a reasonably robust social media policy. The topics generally relate to respectful and lawful behaviour online, not accessing certain websites on corporate devices, maintaining corporate confidentiality, and refraining from activity which could bring the organisation into disrepute. 

It has been reported that ABC have recently expanded their social media policy to extend the scope of inappropriate conduct to posting, sharing and liking content which may cast a light on the impartiality, independence or integrity of the organisation. This raises an interesting issue regarding the right to engage or participate in commentary on contentious social issues and the impact of same on corporate and community perceptions of integrity. Be sure to read the link below for more information on the reported ABC approach.

Updating a social media policy can be a complex endeavour. If your organisation needs to update its position on the use of social media, you may need to consider: 

  • updating and engaging in industrial consultation social media policies 
  • consulting with your legal representative to ensure the policy position is lawful and reasonable 
  • amending the corporate Code of Conduct 
  • revising contracts of employment and engagement to explicitly state expectations and requirements 
  • updating HR protocols and procedures to ensure any breaches or issues are addressed in a just and procedurally fair way.

Without the above, it may be difficult for employers to address problematic online behaviour, and even harder for staff to keep on top of what is and isn’t considered acceptable (both on the clock, and off the clock). 

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