Grapevine Whistleblower Hotline

Don't let another complaint fall on stony ground. 

With all the features you'd expect including 24/7 access to highly trained Australian call centre operators, Grapevine helps shine a light on every corner of your organisation, giving your staff and customers confidence that their complaints are receiving the full attention they deserve.  

Grapevine™ provides expert triage on all complaints, 48 hour response time to reporters, monthly reporting to your team and hotspot identification. 

WISE Workplace has recently developed an complaints hotline service, that provides clear and measurable results towards improving professional integrity and complaints management. 

5 Steps to Implement Grapevine:

  • Sign up for Grapevine or Grapevine Plus
  • Tell us about your company and provide branding 
  • Nominate your team
  • Provide system training to your team
  • Communicate the hotline to staff! 

More information available though WISE Workplace