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We will undertake an initial assessment siof a disclosure made under applicable protected disclosure procedures or whistleblower legislation.

This will determine if the disclosure falls within the guidelines. If so, we identify which agency(s) are required to be notified of the disclosure.

We will conduct an independent investigation of fact.

We can also provide advice on issues of confidentiality.

Our report includes advice and recommendations regarding any individual allegations and systemic issues identified.


A protected disclosure was received from a member of the security staff of an organisation regarding the theft of fuel from vehicles and misuse of vehicles by other security staff. 

WISE was contracted to investigate the matter.


To establish whether the claims could be substantiated and if so, to recommend appropriate action.


WISE conducted a confidential interview with the complainant.

Records were kept of the interview however no formal recording was made at the whistleblowers request.  

Accountability documents and records were obtained from the organisation, which showed a lack of accountability for the security officers and failures of the supervisory staff to ensure that important OH&S and insurance records were maintained.  

Strategic Outcomes

The lack of records and systems in place prevented an individual being identified as responsible for the theft of fuel or misuse of vehicles.  

The report provided by WISE provided managers with insight into the depth of the issues in that section.

At the same time it gave management useful practical advice on systems and procedures that could be implemented to increase future accountability.
Anonymous commented on 30-Dec-2013 01:45 PM

MALAYSIA has passed a good Whistle blower Protection Law for industrial observation.

To bring it to the next level, a Whistle blower Protection Commission and Special Whistle blower Protection Agency are needed to ensure compliance and observation.

This is crucial for data trade and market liberation in green economy-related data mining and privacy concerns in the wake of BIG DATA EMERGENCE.

The relationship between data protection and whistleblower protection mechanism in the age of green economy requires integration to ensure operationalization of global trade objectives,epsecially under the TPPA paradigm.


(Reference: "Whistle blower Protection Law - Cases & Commentary", Senior Professor Leo Desmond Pointon and, Cons Ext Law & SL Jeong Chun Phuoc"
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