Essential Skills for Managing Misconduct

WISE Workplace provides a range of programs from 2 hours to 1 day, providing essential skills to managers and HR professionals in complaints handling and responding to employee misconduct.

Our programs cover fraud awareness, handling performance management, bullying, harassment, discrimination, and the formal investigating of complaints.


Delivered by WISE independently and in conjunction with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), this workshop is specifically tailored to meet the needs of HR professionals who are occasionally required to conduct or manage investigations into workplace grievances (such as bullying, harassment), misconduct (fraud, maladministration, sexual harassment, discrimination), and performance management issues at work.

The workshop is aimed at providing practical skills that enable you to asses complaints, gather corroboration and make critical decisions that effect employees. The workshop will provide case studies highlighting current case law, and the latest research on investigation methods, including interviewing techniques and the accessibility of digital information.

learning outcomes

At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role of an investigation within their legal and policy framework
  • Understand the concepts of natural justice and procedural fairness
  • Recognise when a conflict of interest arises
  • Conduct preliminary interviews with complainants and obtain statements of complaint using the PEACE model of interviewing
  • Develop terms of reference
  • Identify a range of sources of evidence including digital formats
  • Develop an investigation plan
  • Maintain running sheets for an investigation
  • Draft letters of allegation that meet legal requirements
  • Evaluate evidence gathered in an investigation


The Fair Work Commission has stipulated that online training is not always enough. Make sure your employees and managers fully grasp their obligations and know how to respond when complaints of employee misconduct are raised.

Interactive, memorable training - these short training sessions create the opportunity for your staff to get answers to their questions. Each program can be tailored to your workforce making the programs relevant and applicable to your workplace.

Our experienced facilitators will deliver the program to meet your specific needs at your workplace to suit you and your staff.

Programs available:

  • Understanding workplace bullying
  • Dealing with harassment and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Initial complaint handling
  • Fraud awareness
  • Performance management
  • Initial complaints handling
  • Support person training

To enquire about our 2 hour top ups and costs for in house delivery please contact us on 1300 580 685. 

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