Investigative Interviewing


This 2 day program is focused on developing practitioners investigative interviewing skills to enable the ethical investigation of workplace misconduct and compliance breaches. The program, developed by Harriet Witchell (Stacey), co author of the award winning book “Investigative Interviewing: A guide for workplace investigators” is designed to test and develop your practical skills around conducting formal interviews to gather evidence in workplace matters.


At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and structure interviews in accordance with the PEACE model
  • Utilise Cognitive Interviewing strategies
  • Develop detailed interview plans
  • Structure questions to obtain free recall
  • Understand how different question formats affect responses
  • Obtain formal records of interview
  • Utilise time lines to obtain chronologies
  • Obtain sketches to assist recall
  • Understand the role of support people
  • Handle difficult support people
  • Understand how different types of memory affect witness recall
  • Have strategies for dealing with difficult interviewees
  • Structure respondent interviews in accordance with the Conversation Management model of interviewing

The workshop will involve:

  • presentations on theory
  • group planning sessions
  • extensive use of role play with real actors and/or experienced investigators

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