Around 1 in 6 (18%) people in Australia—or about 4.4 million—have disability.

Some people with disability face challenges routinely and actively participating in everyday life areas (such as employment) and are more likely to experience poor health, discrimination and violence than those without disability

The People with disability in Australia report indicates:

  • 32% of adults with disability experience high/very high psychological distress, compared with 8% without disability
  • 48% of working-age (aged 15–64) people with disability are employed, compared with 80% without disability
  • 41% of employed working-age people with a disability work part-time, compared with 32% of those without disability
  • 54% of employed working-age females with disability work pert-time compared with 28% of their male counterparts.
  • 6% of people aged 15 and over with disability have experienced discrimination in the last year.

Disability is an umbrella term for any or all of the following components, all of which may also be influenced by environmental and personal factors:

  • impairment—problems in body function or structure
  • activity limitation—difficulties in executing activities
  • participation restriction—problems an individual may experience in involvement in life situation

People living with a disability may face additional barriers when seeking to make a workplace complaint or disclosure.


WISE Workplace is experienced in leading and supporting investigations into complaints of discrimination, physical, psychological and sexual abuse; employee misconduct; and allegations of poor quality of care against persons with a disability.

We have extensive experience in conducting investigations in the disability sector. Our clients include the Department of Families (VIC), Fairness and Housing Victoria (formerly the Department of Health and Human Services), and the Department of Communities, Disability Services, and Seniors (QLD).

WISE Workplace is the preferred provider of investigation and quality review services for a number of government funded agencies, not for profit service providers, private employers, and caregiving services nationally.

We are experienced in conducting investigations related to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NIDS) and associated quality frameworks, including incident and care investigation protocols across funded services in each jurisdiction.


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