Organisations facing situations where procedural fairness may be compromised or a conflict of interest is present (perceived or actual), should ensure the investigation process is independent and unbiased. Businesses may wish to consider outsourcing the investigation process.


WISE Workplace provides a fully outsourced investigation solution where the whole investigation process is conducted by a WISE investigator, from the initial interview to final report.

A fully outsourced investigation service enables you to focus on your core business and avoid claims of bias or conflict of interest.  A full consulting service is the preferred option for many large organisations and government agencies that have a high number of cases, but may lack the internal resources to support a rapid response to issues, complaints or allegations.

WISE Workplace is also the preferred option for many small/medium businesses where complaints and conflict are less common rare.

Engaging WISE Workplace ensures independence and rigorous, investigations conducted to the highest standards able to withstand legal challenge and meet employers’ obligations under the Fair Work Act and Work Health and Safety legislation.


COVID19 has changed the workplace and workers expectations. Personal conflict, behaviours and values have changed. Internal complaints are rising as workers and managers adapt to the ‘new normal’ of working from home and returning to the workplace bring new challenges for organisations and businesses.

Resolving issues in a timely manner are critical. Particularly before inappropriate behaviours escalate to performance or workplace misconduct allegations.  Fact finding or preliminary enquiries into an incident can often prevent the need for a full investigation. We can help you resolve these issues in a professional, timely manner.


Your role:

You provide the terms of reference and a briefing, notify your staff (which, in most cases, includes notifying the respondent) and WISE will take care of the rest. We will prepare an investigation plan, discuss the plan with you, conduct interviews, analyse documents and evidence, including e-discovery, and writing the final report.

Our investigation reports are tailored to meet your organisational needs and can also note systemic issues, make finding of fact, and identify recommendations for organisational change.


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