As a new client to WISE, you will find our services easy to access.


You will be assigned an investigator who will work with you as closely as you want in addressing the investigative outcomes.

Prior to commencing an investigation, we need a letter of engagement from you that requests our services and details the Terms of Reference.

Your investigator will prepare an investigation plan (IP) that includes an estimate of costs for your matter. The IP will be agreed upon with you before we start.

Upon engagement, you are responsible for notifying your staff of our involvement and who the investigator will be before WISE will make contact and commence the investigation.


Click on the links below to assist you with writing a Terms of Reference and an explanation of the process.

New Clients – Appointing Letter (128 KB)

New Clients – Drafting a Terms of Reference (878 KB)


Contact WISE now for more information on 1300 580 685