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eWISE May 2014
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May 2014 eWise Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of eWISE. This month we are pleased to announce the publication of our revised e-book on Responding to Workplace Bullying that is available online for free until the end of June.

We had a fabulous reception to Alison Page’s webinar on Procedural Fairness for HR Daily so for those of you who did not attend you are able to purchase a copy of the presentation from the HR Daily website.

Next month both our MD Vince Scopelliti and CEO Harriet Stacey will be traveling OS to attend conferences in Europe. Harriet will be presenting a paper on; Recognising the difference between Reasonable Management Action and Bullying; in Milan. Vince will be attending the 7th International Association of Special Investigation Units Fraud Seminar in Dresden

Finally we are looking forward to running our 3 day Advanced course on Workplace Investigations in Brisbane for the first time.. Phil O’Brien will be presenting the program and sharing is expertise. Phil has a background in policing, HR in private industry and is a practicing solicitor. Places are still available on the 10-12 June 2014!



Have You Been Accused of Bullying or Harassment at Work

By Harriet Stacey

What should you do if you’ve been accused of bullying a co-worker? Although it can be extremely upsetting to be on the receiving end of a workplace bullying claim, it’s important to stay calm and avoid aggravating the situation further. Read the full article on our blog.


Public Servant Reinstated After Being Fired for Breast Touching

By Harriet Stacey

An employee who had lost his job after inappropriately touching female co-workers at a work function was reinstated after it was revealed that a senior manager who had engaged in the same behaviour at the same function had only been demoted.  Read full article here

eWISE May 2014 | WISE Workplace

What is workplace bullying?

By Harriet Stacey

What is workplace bullying? Our recent blog post offers a brief overview as to what exactly constitutes workplace bullying and how it could be affecting your employees and your organisation as a whole.

eWISE May 2014 | WISE Workplace 1

Why Do the Rules of Evidence Matter in Workplace Investigations

By Vince Scopelliti

An understanding of the rules of evidence is essential for anyone who is conducting a workplace investigation. Relying on inappropriate evidence to make a decision can lead to extensive legal headaches and costs for your organisation.  Read full article here

eWISE May 2014 | WISE Workplace 2
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3 day advanced Workplace Investigations course

Location: Brisbane
10-12 June 2014  Book now

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9th International Conference on Workplace Bullying

Location: Milan, Italy
Date: June 17-20, 2014

Visit website for more information


10th National Investigations Symposium ICAC

Location: Sydney
Date: 5-7 November 2014

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