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eWISE July 2016
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eWise - July 2016

Happy Christmas in July from Wise!

eWISE July 2016 | WISE Workplace

Happy Christmas in July from the WISE team!  We took the opportunity to touch base with all our NSW staff with a nice wine tasting lunch in the city. 

This month we have had the opportunity to work with our first rate actors again with the RMS Investigative Interview training and also delivered two workplace investigation courses in Tasmania. 

AHRI Conference is on in Brisbane next week - so look out for us if you are attending and come and view the demo of GRAPEVINE our new Whistleblower Hotline Service! 

I hope you enjoy reading a selection from last months blogs. 

If you want to see our blogs as they are released you can follow up on Facebook,  Twitter and Linkedin,  just search for WISE Workplace or click the link above.



Corrupting legitimate processes - what's really going on?

By Harriet Stacey

Left unchecked, even minor corrupt behaviour can spiral out of control.  Using legitimate processes is one way that corruption can be concealed, making it easy to justify and difficult to detect.  Read more here

  Corrupting Legitimate Processes

The reasonable person test explained

By Harriet Stacey

The ‘reasonable person’ test is one of those legal quirks that form an enduring part of the common law, despite being very hard to actually define. And in the context of workplace risks and potential litigation, it is particularly useful benchmark for employers and managers to keep in mind. Read more here
eWISE July 2016 | WISE Workplace

Monty Pythonesque defence of case costs $87,000

By Harriet Stacey

An “absurd” defence of an unfair dismissal case, which a Fair Work Commissioner likened to a Monty Python sketch, has ended up being very costly for one employer, and provides an important lesson for any organisation involved in legal action.  Read more here

Monty Python-esque Defence of Case Costs $87,000

3 Strategies for handling mental illness in the workplace

By Harriet Stacey

We understand that employers want to do the right thing by their employees, yet they can sometimes mistakenly see mental illness as a non-work issue. And with community knowledge still rather generalised when it comes to mental health, it can be quite a challenge to know where to start when it comes to providing relevant workplace assistance.  Read more here

3 Strategies For Handling Mental Illness in the Workplace

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eWISE July 2016 | WISE Workplace



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