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eWise - October 2016

We are very excited to announce the launch of our confidential 

Whistleblower Hotline Service! 

With the annual cost of bullying tipped at $14.8 Billion and the average cost of a single corporate fraud of $1.4 Million it is essential that employers provide staff with the confidence to report misconduct. 

49% of serious misconduct is reported by employees. 

GRAPEVINE provides online reporting together with a 24/7 phone line to receive reports and provide your staff with the confidence to report. 

Download a copy of the brochure

I hope you enjoy reading a selection from last months blogs. 


The Depressed Worker: Lesser-Known Aspects of Mental Illness

By Harriet Witchell

We understand that for busy employers, time and energy are definitely limited resources. Regularly spread thin by the demands of customers, suppliers and employees, it can certainly be difficult to notice the finer goings-on of the everyday workplace.

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How Bullying Operates in the Corrupt Workplace

By Andrew Hedges

How does bullying operate in the corrupt workplace? If there is anything a new employee in a workplace does not want to feel is it’s being an outsider.

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Interview Skills

Can Workplace Corruption be Stopped?

By Andrew Hedges 

Is there a way to stop workplace corruption from mushrooming or thriving? It obviously has to trickle from the top down, so managers and supervisors need to be made aware of their role in changing the culture.

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eWISE October 2016

The Implications of ‘Fun Loving’ Behaviour in Management

By Harriet Witchell

Do you remember the "sneaky nuts" craze? If you do, you can blame the character of Daniel as created and brought to life by Australian comedian Chris Lilley in the mockumentary series Angry Boys.

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What's On


Conducting Workplace Investigations - Advanced Training

Last program for 2016!

Location: Melbourne
Date: 30 Nov - 2 December 2016

For more information


11th National Investigation Symposium

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
Date: 9-11 November 2016

Click here to register of the Investigation Symposium


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