Whistleblowing Management Services

An effective whistleblower process is essential in order to ensure your organisation has an accessible pathway for complainants to report their concerns. WISE Workplace can assist you in building and developing your resources to ensure your organisation is well prepared with fundamental governance resources to rely upon in any complaint process.

is a highly developed whistle-blower service that assists your organisation in promoting trust within your workforce and works towards improving professional integrity and complaints management. Grapevine™ provides expert triage on all complaints, 24-hour response time to reporters.

With all the features you’d expect including 24/7 access to highly trained Australian call centre operators, GrapevineTM helps shine a light on every corner of your organisation, giving your staff and customers confidence that their complaints are receiving the full attention they deserve.

For more information about the GrapevineTM service at WISE Workplace, call us on 1300 580 685 or email [email protected]

Public Interest Disclosure schemes (State and Federal)

WISE Workplace can assist State and Federal government departments operating under various public interest disclosure schemes with fact finding, preliminary enquiries or full investigation services. Please see our page on Full or Supported Investigations.