Workplace Investigation Toolkit




Containing 20 templates – make successful investigations the norm!

Tired of looking for templates when you need one quickly?

Managers sending out inconsistent information?

Sick of spending time and money in the Fair Work Commission?

The majority of unfair dismissal claims cite lack of process and procedural fairness

as grounds for the appeal.Fix the process and reduce time and money spent in court.

Over 25 years of experience in managing misconduct WISE has put together
the Ultimate Toolkit  with 20 exceptional high quality templates and a guide for
 even the most inexperienced manager to follow.

We guarantee your investigations will be significantly improved when you use our Toolkit.

Giving you confidence and making your workplace investigations  procedurally fair, 

cost effective and consistent.

Sample Flow Chart (656 KB)



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  • Guidebook
  • Investigation Flow Chart
  • 20 templates


  • Initial Report Form
  • Suspension Letter
  • Relocation letter
  • Initial notification letter to complainant
  • Initial notification letter to respondent
  • Initial notification letter to witness
  • Letter of engagement to external investigator
  • Confidentiality undertaking
  • Briefing checklist
  • Investigation Plan
  • Interview plan
  • Witness statement template
  • Transcript template
  • Interview script – complainant
  • Interview script – witness
  • Interview script – respondent
  • Letter of allegations – respondent
  • Sample report format
  • Outcome letter to complainant
  • Outcome letter to respondent

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“The toolkit provides us with best practice guidelines, templates and tools from an industry expert, ensuring that we are on the right track from the beginning. It means that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel as the research, development, testing and production has been done for us. We are really confident and happy that we now have a roadmap developed by a trusted source.” Clare, Winton Consulting – We manage change