WISE (and its predecessor LKA Group) has been providing a range of workplace services to the Public Service since 1997 when we were first appointed to several government investigation and review panels. Since then, we have continued to provide support and services to Government Departments, not for profits (NFP),  Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s), and other employers across Australia.

We provide the following review services:

  • Misconduct and disciplinary investigation reviews
  • Public sector Code of Conduct investigation reviews
  • Review of Actions (desktop review or at Hearing)
  • Administrative Appeals and Grievance Reviews
  • Cultural reviews
  • Investigation process reviews (investigation policies, practices, and procedures)
  • Child protection and disability reviews (including appeals and investigations)
  • WHS/OHS reviews

We also deliver training in the conduct and delivery of reviews.

We have provided review services to clients including the Department of Health and Human Services (VIC) since 2014, Multiple Sclerosis (QLD), Victoria Police, EDL Energy, Uniting, Berry Street, Adventure Patch, the Victorian Coroners Court, Soldier on ACT, Department of Communities and Justice (NSW), and many local councils throughout Australia.


Our team includes lawyers with extensive backgrounds in employment law, human resources, psychology, conflict resolution, mediation, and public sector management. Through our experienced team, we provide our clients with an additional level of insight, as well as oversight and understanding of the relevant legal framework relevant to every review.


WISE Workplace conducts all reviews in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. Reviews are also completed in accordance with relevant legislation, organisational guidelines and procedures, public sector Codes of Conduct policies, and case law. We act professionally to ensure all review participants, appellants and complainants are treated fairly and with respect.


Contact WISE now for more information on 1300 580 685