Governance of Complaints

Good governance  is an essential framework in an organisations’  complaints management process. Good governance helps businesses manage complaints and other issues as they arise, and also provides an opportunity for improvements in systems and processes to reduce future risks.


WISE Workplace can support you to develop and implement a customized end-to-end complaints management system. An effective complaints management system provides accountability, oversight and the business intelligence required by organisational leaders.


Benefits of good governance in complaints handling;

  • Improves the experience of complaints, witnesses and respondents
  • Supports procedural fairness for all parties
  • Enables Boards Directors and Executives transparency to identify issues, trends and themes within their organisation
  • Enables the effective identification and minimisation of corporate risks
  • Cost savings – good governance can reduce the frequency or severity of complaints, reduce work absences, improve communication and organisational culture
  • Supports probity and due diligence

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